Dating a cougar ii

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When she didn’t answer fast enough, the guy served up the rest of her humiliation as fast as his lips could move.

Sorry.” Jane watched the waiter pause for a moment, probably to let her absorb the information, but her mind just couldn’t quite take it in.

So why can't he find a woman who is both smart and beautiful to date?

In book six of the "Never Too Late" series, a sexy, young fireman discovers his perfect woman is not just a fantasy he keeps having.

She looks at all the rational reasons why it can never be. It centers on Walter a 26 yr old fireman/business owner and Jane a 38 yr old business flipper.

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Aided by his not-so-helpful family, Walter's pursuit of Jane will make you laugh out loud in this entertaining romantic comedy.He wants to date Jane Fox, but the sexy older woman keeps coming up with logical reasons why...Homepage | L2 watch | Flying | Junghans | Driving | Flightsim | Hardware | Music | Projects | Timepieces | Techniques | Upcycling | Imprint | Links | Last Update: | 2017-06-16 Car..GREAT reads, fun, entertaining and leave you with a good feeling.But it is all in fun and you will enjoy this crazy family dynamic. This author pulls the reader into a journey with great stories, believable characters, humor and romantic plots. I love Walter and love how he romances the cougar who has no desire to be a cougar but who can resist a fireman?

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