What to do about intimidating neighbours

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I will not react and have to calm my wife down as she wants to 'have it out' but I think my neigbour wants a reaction so she can call the police and I will not rise to it but I am slowly running out of paitence.She constantly looks at us out of her conservetory, I hate it when I have to drive my car in and I have stopped walking our dog.My question is, is there someone I can discuss this with other than the police as I do not want to waste their time.I am really fustrated with this it is ruining my life. We have neighbours who cut the tops off our trees - within our land, not just half-on-half-off as is so often a source of disagreement and no local authority trimming order exists in our case.As we share a drive our cars are parked next to each other and the other day I opened the rear door of the car to let my one of my sons out and accidently hit the rear light on her car, I checked and there was no damage, she opened her window and screemed like a banshe that I done it on purpose and she will call the police, I told her it was accidental but she came out with her husband (puppet) and they both had a go in front of my son who was upset.She has threatened us on a few occasions and my children are scared of her.(You can use our generic blank form for this purpose).

:) We have been living in our new place for about 8 months now. Its a couple (husband and wife) and they have been very unpleasant... Mind you we live in the suburb/country so its very unusual behavior. This morning, I got into my car and she happened to be in her car as well.

My neighbours of 2 years are a retired couple and are making my life unbearable.

I have lived in my house for 16 years with excellent neighbours before them and with no issues or concerns.

You could compare this to a CV that’s completed when you’re trying to get another job.

This is vital if matters get worse and will give you some proof of events.

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