Dating lunch with priviledges

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This makes things like Mother’s Day downright gruesome.

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I’m hoping some of you can chime in and share some of your thoughts?Banners went up, parties were held and gregarious mothers and daughters walked around the mall in their matching Juicy Couture tracksuit, calling each other “Besties.” I wanted to vomit. In fact, that was the biggest problem in our relationship.The boundaries were washed away in bottles of chardonnay and mothers and daughters were sharing sex stories and picking up men together at bars. As my sisters and I grew older and found our own friends and lives, my mother grew more and more bitter that our lives no longer revolved around her. As a result, she became even more eccentric and outrageous as ever before.According to Black's the name was first recorded as 'de Molendino' in a charter of 1382 (but see the reference to the Ragman Roll of 1296 below) and is derived from the Old English 'myln', thus referring to a person living at or near a mill.It is possible, however, that 'de Molendino' was a Latinized form of 'de Molines' or 'de Molyneux' since the arms borne by Milne/Mylne in Scotland (or, a cross moline azure) are a reversal of those of Molyneux, Earls of Sefton (azure, a cross moline or).

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