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Daniels and Adams were busted for indecent exposure and disorderly intoxication and booked into the local jail, where they were held until sobriety returned.

While in custody, cops noted, “Adams decided to strip to his underwear.” Misdemeanor charges against Daniels and Adams, who are pictured in the above mug shots (click to enlarge), are pending in Michigan's 47th District Court.

Then there were the many accusations that it was all a publicity stunt meant to further her career, which “ripped me apart,” she said. “Everybody just thought it was a publicity stunt to get more fans.’’ She said even the FBI seemed skeptical about her at first. They wanted to look me in the eye and see if I had anything to do with this. They believed me when I came back after I got sick.” Even now, sports fans still make obscene comments about her at games — and tweet stills from the video to her Twitter account, Andrews said. People tweet me, ‘I should pay the Marriott because it made me famous.’ ” Andrews is still “so angry” the Nashville hotel never called to tell her that Barrett had requested to stay in a room next to hers. “The Nashville Marriott could have just called me .

I remember my dad saying, ‘There’s a female there, too, and she’s going to try to sniff you out to see if you’re telling the truth.’ “I went and I threw up, and I came back in . “I’m not gonna say what I hear, but it’s, ‘I’ve seen your this.

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’ ” Andrews, then with ESPN, recalled telling a Sports Illustrated reporter pal who broke the horrifying news to her over the phone in July 2009. Andrews spent most of that summer living with her parents — a period she calls her “glazed-over time.” “I just remember being in my pajamas all day, back in my old room at my parents’ house,” she said.

Presented as loosely autobiographical, centres on the tribulations of an independent filmmaker, frustrated at every turn as he tries to make a film that pretends to artistic merit.

Heavily indebted to Hollywood’s high priest of unrestrained Technicolor melodramas, Douglas Sirk, the saturated colours and treasure-trove of kitsch artefacts in Kuchar’s first 16mm colour production jar with the mock-seriousness of its subject matter.

They had met for drinks at a nearby bar “before moving to the back seat of the Buick.” When questioned by cops, neither Daniels nor Adams--both of whom were unsteady and smelled of booze--knew the other’s name.

A Breathalyzer test recorded Daniels’s blood alcohol content as .15, nearly twice the state limit.

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