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Bale has come to be known for that kind of privacy, which is rare for such a long career in show business.

He did, however, take some time to gush about his wife and her patience for his method of acting at the 2011 Critics' Choice Awards.

Signs that Reddit is becoming more and more mainstream: Now you can find celebrity blind items there!

Crazy Days and Nights' Enty Lawyer found this fascinating post in Reddit's r/unsentletters: A letter from a Redditor named peopleshouldknow addressed to an unnamed celebrity who she alleges to have dated and who apparently emotionally and physically abused her.

Sometimes that had consequences that were just awful for everybody involved. Everybody makes mistakes dating people they work with." "They’re whom I’m attracted to," Hartnett said of his many A-list exes.Here's a quote I'm sure you know: “You see, it's the slow knife, the knife that takes its time, the knife that waits years without forgetting, then slips quietly between the bones.That's the knife that cuts deepest.” Life will be your knife, the karma of everything you've done with viscous intent to others.Though never confirmed, rumors swirled that they set him off by talking smack about his wife.And who could forget the tape from the set of that leaked on the internet?

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