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Although digital versions of Wii U games are nowhere near as large in file size as those available for Xbox One or PS4, nor do you require to install disc-based titles, you will still more than likely find yourself running out of storage space on your Nintendo console.

The hard drive on the premium version is limited to 32GB, for instance, which is tiny in comparison to the drives in rival machines, even smartphones these days.

To install the latest update for your game please ensure your Wii U system is connected to the Internet and that you are signed into the Nintendo Network.

Title Update 2 fixes the following: GENERAL· Fix timer and progress bar for Daily Challenges· Fix misc.

READ: 10 great games that will make you buy a Nintendo Wii UThe external HDD we opted for was a Samsung S2 Portable model we've been using with a laptop for the last few years.

It's compact and can happily sit out of the way, but one of the best reasons to choose it was that we already knew it ran nigh-on silently.

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Go to the Wii Settings page and the version number will be listed at the top right (e.g., 4.1U is a US system with firmware version 4.1). In fact, it makes it a little harder to install homebrew. The official update used to seem unsafe, but this isn't an issue any more.

And if you consider that games can weigh in at more that 7GB apiece - Hyrule Warriors, for example - you'll soon find that HDD full to capcity if you buy most of your software through the Nintendo e Shop.

Luckily, Nintendo had the foresight to include support for external hard drives and USB memory sticks, and it made the process of expanding the console's existing hard drive space through their use as easy as possible - even easier than adding extra storage to the Xbox One.

We actually had to do it ourselves recently, as review software for the Wii U more often than not comes in digital code form so our hard drive was chock-a-block before expansion.

And as we already had a 320GB external HDD knocking about, it seemed a natural fit.

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